Warranty & Returns

How Can I Return My Device?

We are more than happy to provide a repair or replacement for your device. To do so, please follow the steps mentioned below.

Erase all personal information from the device.

Please follow the steps mentioned in the link below to remove the iCloud account from the device, along with the Find my iPhone feature. You can also use the links to remove your details, remotely, in case the device is non-functional.

iCloud Tutorial Removal from our Website

Youtube Tutorial on How to Remove the Find my iPhone feature

Once the details have been removed, prepare your package for its return.

To do that, please use the original package or any other package possible with the bubble pocket it came with, or any other protective material to secure the device.

Attach the original invoice the device came with and fill out the details on its side for your return reason and how you would like us to process your return.

If you don’t have your invoice, you can either contact our customer support team at contact@grademobile.co.uk so that they can provide you with it.

Alternatively, you can add a note with the following information that is under your order:

Full name:

Address and Postcode:

Email address:

Phone Number:

The reason for your return:

Would you like us to proceed with a repair, replacement or refund?

When all the above have been completed, feel free to use our pre-paid Royal Mail label link, to print your label, or take the QR code to the post office. Please keep in mind that the label is free of charge.


On the text field that requests for your device’s IMEI number, you can insert your Order ID, or your IMEI number which can be found via the SIM Tray or via Settings > General > About > IMEI Number.

Please allow up to 48 hours for our team to process your request upon the parcel's arrival at our offices. Additionally, please take into consideration that our offices are closed on the weekends and bank holidays.